Our Founder

Late Shri K.G.RAJ

Late Shri K.G.Raj, established Varsity Instruments at a time when awareness of the electronic equipment was still at a nascent stage in the market. He is still remembered today as one of the pioneers who has successfully steered the market to its present stage. Varsity owes it's growth, reputation and good will to his vision, rich experience and wide but intimate contacts. VIPL is committed to his philosophy and values in steering the market through the new millennium and beyond!

Our Executive Team

Niranjan Kandukuri

Mr.K.Niranjan, aged 45 years is a careful planner, an aggressive executor and a passionate achiever has been carefully natured under the guidance of the founder Late Shri K.G.Raj. His commitment, to the targets from the principals and dedication to the clients, is the driving force of VIPL today. With his humble achievements like doubling the turnover, in the year 1999, Mr.Niranjan, set new targets and high standards both in the market and at VICPL.

Viju Thomas

Viju Thomas has nearly 3 decades of experience as a corporate executive and entrepreneur. He started his IT career in India with IDM and soon moved to Wipro in their International Operations Division where he played key roles in the setting up and establishing the distribution model in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Currently Viju is an Advisor to VARSITY Instruments, BLUESHIFT India, EMERGE Learning Services and KUTUNG Design Labs, where he contributes to the Board of Directors in areas of Developing business strategies, planning, fund-raising, organizational development, strategic and long term planning

Our CSR Initiatives

The Founders altruistic concern for society’s welfare and advancement, regardless of caste and creed is manifested by their generosity in donations of money and work to needy families for medical, educational, marriage, to institutions of worship, across religious lines, for renovation, social initiatives as well as assistance in performing the funeral rites of the abandoned or poor.These are undertaken in the form of a blind trust, whereby the donations go to the recipients, without revealing the benefactor.

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